Vendor Pricing

There isn’t anything Radio5 likes more than a good party and Radio5 Events recognizes the importance of creating an experience guests won't soon forget. Get up close and personal with our guests at the events and enjoy a unique opportunity to sell your product or service. Vendor spaces are limited to vendors selling a product or service. Vendors may include jewelry, beauty products, food, wine, alcohol or spirits, clothing, accessories, spa services, and other specialty boutique product.

Gold Vendor | $275
Exhibitor space
(1) 6’ Table (Linens not provided)
Brand Identification Sign


Here are five reasons why sponsoring a Radio5 event will benefit you and your marketing initiatives in 2015.

1. Enhance Credibility
Companies have few opportunities to build trust or report with their customers and prospects. Getting involved in a Radio5 event will accelerate the process. Attending an event is important but standing out in the crowd by being a sponsor will highlight you and your business to a captive audience.

2. Media Exposure
All Radio5 sponsors will automatically get the benefit of being promoted throughout the process. This will provide extended exposure and visibility on directed marketing leading up to the even, introducing your brand to with our media partner readers, online subscribers and social media follows.

3. Brand Awareness and Recognition
Logo placement in a variety of places such as flyers, websites, email marketing, brochures, etc. will add to increase brand equity and audience awareness.

4. Community Involvement
Larger, more established corporations that get involved with Radio5 events will be sending a message to attendees that they are genuinely interested in providing support. Companies that show generosity for a cause will spark more human interest and appear to the audience.

5. Samples and Trial Offers
Whether a company has been around for years or just getting started, bringing samples or special offers to an event is a great way to "test market' before investing in a major marketing campaign. These are only a few of the benefits Radio5 sponsors can expect from this year's scheduled events.

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